Pic-a-POD 1.2

Pci-a-POD can help us decorate our desktop with a different image every day
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Pic-a-POD is a practical application that can help us decorate our desktop with a different image everyday. What it does, is basically connect to websites such as National Geographic, Earth Science, Astronomy, or Wikipedia, to bring to our computer the most beautiful images available.

Pic-a-POD is very easy to use; we simply select the site where we want to get the images from, download them and use the ones we like most as wallpapers. The program can be set to download pictures periodically. Besides, it can check for new pictures every certain time, or change the desktop photographs automatically. We can even select dates in the calendar and download those photographs we have missed.

Apart from that, the program includes a picture viewer and a browser, which let us organize our picture collection. The program works fine, except for an error message appearing from time to time, saying that pictures cannot be displayed due to an incompatible format. The good part is that Pic-a-POD is light weighted, very useful for those who like changing their desktop appearance, and the best of all, it’s freeware.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Can download pictures automatically
  • A number of interesting features
  • Freeware


  • An error message appears sometimes, saying that pictures cannot be displayed
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